College of Human Services and Behavioral Sciences

Human Services with an Emphasis in Trauma, Resilience and Self-Care Strategies (MA)

The Master of Arts in Human Services emphasizing Trauma,  Resilience, and Self-Care Strategies focuses on the impact trauma has on an individual’s mood, behavior, cognition, physical health, and overall interpersonal and social functioning. Research purports that traumatic events encountered early in the life course significantly  negatively impact the psychological health and psychosocial  functioning in adulthood than trauma experienced later in the  life course. A trauma-informed care approach in human service  settings is gaining traction locally and internationally. When  human service professionals learn effective responses to client  trauma and how to help instill resiliency skills necessary to thrive in  daily functioning, improved outcomes can result in all areas of life. 

Professionals working within the fields of human service, criminal  justice, forensic behavioral health, family science and allied  disciplines will develop the insights, strategies, and skills to work  more effectively with clients and families impacted by trauma and  to promote recovery for impacted individuals and their families.  Professionals will also gain knowledge and strategies to manage  vicarious and secondary trauma and to foster self-care. Resiliency  will be explored and emphasized throughout this program  applicable to clients and families and the helping professional, in  order to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue.

HSV 543Foundations in Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders 13
HSV 548Neurobiology of Trauma and its Impact on the Developing Brain 13
HSV 561Forensic Behavioral Health Aspects of Trauma 13
HSV 567Trauma and its Impact on the Family System 13
HSV 578Trauma Informed Practice, Self-Care, & Resilience Strat for Human Service & Teleconsulting Care Prof 13
HSV 500Human Services3
HSV 515Research Methods in Human Services3
HSV 535Psychopathology in Human Services3
HSV 525Ethical and Legal Considerations in HumanServices3
HSV 585Cultural Awareness and Understanding for the Human Service Professional3
HSV 555Special Populations in Human Services3
HSV 595Research and Capstone3
Total Credits36