College of Business and Technology

Human Resource Management (MA)

This program offers students a practical study of human resource competencies required in today’s organizations. The overall context centers on the human resource role as a strategic partner within organizations. The program places emphasis on developing human resource leadership, innovation, financial, and strategic thinking skills within the context of human resources to help organizations maximize the return on investment from their human capital. The coursework is designed to be sequential.

HRG 500Human Resources Leadership and Ethics4
HRG 510Strategic Human Resources and Measurement4
HRG 520Recruitment, Selection, and Retention4
HRG 530Compensation and Benefits4
HRG 540Organization Development for Human Resources Professionals4
HRG 550Research Methods and Design4
HRG 560Finance for Human Resources Leaders4
HRG 570Legal Environment for Human Resource Leaders4
HRG 580Human Resources Action Research at Work4
Total Credits36
Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
First Semester
HRG 500 Human Resources Leadership and Ethics 4
HRG 510 Strategic Human Resources and Measurement 4
Second Semester
HRG 520 Recruitment, Selection, and Retention 4
HRG 530 Compensation and Benefits 4
Third Semester
HRG 540 Organization Development for Human Resources Professionals 4
HRG 550 Research Methods and Design 4
Second Year
First Semester
HRG 560 Finance for Human Resources Leaders 4
HRG 570 Legal Environment for Human Resource Leaders 4
Second Semester
HRG 580 Human Resources Action Research at Work 4
 Total Credits36