College of Business and Technology

Business Administration with an Emphasis in Health Care Management (MBA)

This program enables students to develop the knowledge, practical experience and confidence to succeed in the competitive and changing health care industry. Courses explore current trends and events in the health care industry and evaluate how these trends are shaped and affected by various business principles. Students will use cross-curriculum learning activities spanning the duration of the program to become experts in an area of interest in the health care industry. 

MBA 500Organizational Leadership and Development3
MBA 520Integrated Marketing Communication3
MBA 592Topics Course: Vocation and Value1
MBA 510Managerial Research Methods and Design3
MBA 505Global Economics3
MBA 525Strategic Human Resource Management3
MBA 530Managerial Finance and Accounting3
MBA 535Legal Environment for Managers3
MBA 610Tools for Managerial Decision Analysis3
MBA 594Topics Course: Mastery of Future Industry1
MBA 540Applied Ethics for Health Care Leaders3
MBA 555Health Care Informatics3
MBA 545Quality Practices3
MBA 560Health Care Strategic Leadership3
MBA 596Topics Course: Reflection and Bridge to Your Future1
Total Credits39
Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
First Semester
MBA 592 Topics Course: Vocation and Value 1
MBA 500 Organizational Leadership and Development 3
MBA 520 Integrated Marketing Communication 3
Second Semester
MBA 510 Managerial Research Methods and Design 3
MBA 505 Global Economics 3
Third Semester
MBA 525 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
MBA 530 Managerial Finance and Accounting 3
Second Year
First Semester
MBA 535 Legal Environment for Managers 3
MBA 594 Topics Course: Mastery of Future Industry 1
MBA 610 Tools for Managerial Decision Analysis 3
Second Semester
MBA 540 Applied Ethics for Health Care Leaders 3
MBA 555 Health Care Informatics 3
Third Semester
MBA 545 Quality Practices 3
MBA 596 Topics Course: Reflection and Bridge to Your Future 1
MBA 560 Health Care Strategic Leadership 3
 Total Credits39