College of Human Services and Behavioral Sciences

Criminal Justice Leadership (MA)

The Criminal Justice Leadership program recognizes the importance of a multi-systemic Leadership approach for criminal justice professionals in the human services field. The curriculum enables students to identify personal leadership characteristics and styles, enhance professionalism, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders and culturally dynamic populations, positioning themselves for leadership opportunities, and contribute to life transitions by building upon experience and previous study. Students in this program come with a wealth of experience, including law enforcement, courts, corrections, military and social service, which will uniquely benefit each cohort. The Human Service - Criminal Justice Leadership program is conveniently offered in an online format. The following coursework is designed to be sequential.

CJU 505Reflective Adult Learner & Leadership4
CJU 520Research Methods in Criminal Justice4
CJU 500Administration of Criminal Justice4
or GST 597 Graduate Study Abroad
CJU 545Legal and Legislative Issues4
CJU 502Correctional Design in a Changing World4
CJU 570Applied Ethics in Criminal Justice Leadership4
CJU 543Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Leadership4
CJU 590Criminal Justice Leadership: Essential Skills4
CJU 596Criminal Justice Capstone4
Total Credits36