College of Health and Science

Master of Public Health (MPH)

A Master of Public Health degree is designed to give you the practical skills necessary to find work in the field of public health. The competencies learned in this program follow public health industry standards and trends, and all coursework is aligned with public health accreditation agency standards from the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).  Upon completion of this 42-credit hour program, you will be prepared to pursue leadership and project management position.

MPH 500Foundations of Public Health3
MPH 510Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health3
MPH 520Environmental Health3
MPH 530Epidemiology3
MPH 601Seminar: Vocation and Servant Leadership in Public Health1
MPH 540Research Methods in Public Health3
MPH 550Global Public Health: Chronic and Infectious Disease3
MPH 602Seminar: Public Health Leadership1
MPH 560Principles of Biostatistics3
MPH 570Planning and Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs3
MPH 603Seminar: Leadership Reflection and Future Planning1
MPH 580Marketing and Communication for Health Promotion3
MPH 590Public Health Ethics, Policy, and Advocacy3
MPH 600Practicum3
MPH 595The Future of Public Health3
MPH 610Integrated Capstone Experience3
Total Credits42