College of Kinesiology

Kinesiology (EdD) with an Emphasis in Exercise and Sport Nutrition

Kinesiology Core (10 Credit Hours)
KHS 7000Current Issues and Trends in Kinesiology3
DOC 7000Professional Ethics3
DOC 7410Seminar 1: Drafting the Dissertation Introduction1
DOC 7420Seminar 2: Drafting the Dissertation Literature Review1
DOC 7430Seminar 3: Drafting the Dissertation Methodology1
DOC 7440Seminar 4: Finalizing the Dissertation Proposal Manuscript1
Research Methods and Statistics (12 Credit Hours)
DOC 7100Research Methods3
DOC 7200Quantitative and Qualitative Research3
DOC 7300Action Research3
DOC 7500Data Analysis3
Exercise and Sport Nutrition Concentration (27 Credit Hours)27
Medical Aspects of Exercise and Disease Prevention (3)
Exercise and Health Behavior Change (3)
Advanced Exercise & Sports Nutrition (3)
Advanced Exercise Physiology (3)
Nutrition for the General Population (3)
Vitamins and Minerals (3)
Nutrition Assessments and Analysis (3)
Nutrition for Weight Management (3)
Dietary Trends and Special Populations (3)
Dissertation (12 Credit Hours)
DOC 7900Dissertation12
Total Credits61