College of Kinesiology

Kinesiology (PhD)

The Doctorate (PhD) in Kinesiology features a research-centered program designed to prepare students for expertise in the study of human movement and physical activity. The program emphasizes relevant techniques for contributing to knowledge and applying advanced exercise and sport science-related principles in a variety of contexts.

Kinesiology Core (16 Credit Hours)
KHS 7900Seminar in Kinesiology 11
KHS 7901Seminar in Kinesiology 21
KHS 7902Seminar in Kinesiology 31
KHS 7903Seminar in Kinesiology 41
KHS 7000Current Issues and Trends in Kinesiology3
KHS 7010Medical Aspects of Exercise and Disease Prevention3
KHS 7020Exercise and Health Behavior Change3
KHS 7030Professional Ethics and Program Management in Kinesiology3
Research Methods and Statistics (18 Credit Hours)
KHS 7820Research Methods in Kinesiology3
KHS 7830Advanced Research Seminar in Kinesiology3
KHS 7550Qualitative Research in Kinesiology3
KHS 7600Quantitative Research in Kinesiology3
KHS 7650Mixed Methods Research in Kinesiology3
KHS 7700Advanced Topics in Statistics (Experimental Design)3
Exercise Science Concentration (21 Credit Hours)
KHS 7100Cardiovascular Responses to Exercise3
KHS 7120Advanced Exercise & Sports Nutrition3
KHS 7130Advanced Exercise and Sport Psychology3
KHS 7200Advanced Biomechanics in Exercise Science3
KHS 7210Advanced Exercise Physiology3
KHS 7220Advanced Mechanisms of Skilled Neuromuscular Behavior3
KHS 7230Advanced Exercise Prescription3
Dissertation (12 Credit Hours)
KHS 8000Dissertation12
Total Credits67