College of Business and Technology

Leadership and Management (MA)

Organizational success depends on the efforts of skilled managers and leaders to properly leverage influence. The Master of Arts in Leadership and Management guides students to focus on helping businesses thrive as healthy organizations by paying attention to the human and social interactions of each member. This graduate program emphasizes ways to balance business skills and inter-social relationship skills so leaders and managers can maximize their influence and motivate organizational members to find meaning and purpose within the organization’s mission, vision and purpose. 

MLM 500Leadership, Management, Influence and Change4
MLM 510Applied Moral and Ethical Leadership4
MLM 520Strategic Organizational Research4
MLM 532Project and Quality Management4
MLM 525Financial Management for Leaders4
MLM 542Strategic Leadership and Process Implementation4
MLM 545Legal Issues for Today's Leaders4
MLM 552Organizational Culture Management4
MLM 555Leadership and Management Research, Synthesis and Reflection4
Total Credits36
Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
First Semester
MLM 500 Leadership, Management, Influence and Change 4
MLM 510 Applied Moral and Ethical Leadership 4
Second Semester
MLM 520 Strategic Organizational Research 4
MLM 532 Project and Quality Management 4
Third Semester
MLM 525 Financial Management for Leaders 4
MLM 542 Strategic Leadership and Process Implementation 4
Second Year
First Semester
MLM 545 Legal Issues for Today's Leaders 4
MLM 552 Organizational Culture Management 4
Second Semester
MLM 555 Leadership and Management Research, Synthesis and Reflection 4
 Total Credits36