College of Business and Technology

Public Relations Major (BA Traditional)

The public relations major provides students with the concepts, skills, and expertise needed to help organizations build mutually beneficial relationships with the diverse public. The knowledge and tools students develop through the P R curriculum prepare students in fields such as corporate communication, social media, government affairs, and public relations firms. The professional internship experience, coupled with graduate and elective coursework, provide opportunities for students to practice and refine their skills.

Prerequisites from General Education
Interpersonal Communication (3)
COM 213Public Speaking3
COM 309Intercultural Communication4
COM 222Social/Mass Media Communication4
COM 320Media and Public Relations4
COM 325Social Media Relations & Analytics4
COM 443Persuasive Communication4
COM 478Organizational Communication4
COM 498Internship3
COM 327Topics in Communication *4
COM 479Crisis Communication4
COM 441Communication Research Methods4
Total Credits42